Aidan Key

Aidan_Key_2012Aidan Key has been an educator and organizer within the trans community for the past fourteen years. He guides schools, agencies and organizations in expanding their knowledge of gender diverse children and teens; offers best practices related to trans youth; emphasizes the inclusion of gender identity and gender expression in existing diversity policies, and then helps to identify the practical, everyday ways in which to implement this inclusion. In 2001, Aidan founded the Gender Odyssey conference and, in 2007, the Gender Odyssey Family conference for families with transgender children. In 2012, he developed the first of what will be an annual seminar for professionals (Gender Odyssey Pro) desiring more knowledge about trans and gender non-conforming children. Through his organization, Gender Diversity, he leads trainings for teachers, doctors, therapists, camp directors, and many others who work with children. Key facilitates monthly support groups at Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) for parents of transgender and gender non-conforming children. The SCH program, now in its fifth year, is one of only a handful across the country.