Delfin Bautista

delfin-bautista-headshot-200x300delfin bautista is a recent graduate of Yale Divinity School. While at Yale, he focused on approaches to ethics, pastoral care, and theology from Latin American, Queer, and Feminist perspectives. He hails from Miami, FL and is of Cuban and Salvadoran heritage. He holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Social Work from Florida International University, both degrees focusing on clinical practice. His background includes chaplaincy, case management with individuals living with HIV/AIDS, therapy with survivors of violent crime, and interfaith work with Soulforce and the Religious Institute. He is also involved with the Alliance for GBLTQ Youth, Call To Action, GetEQUAL, and Dignity USA. As an activist scholar of faith, he is interested in ethical and theological engagement of the intersections of religion, sexuality, and justice—specifically around areas of interfaith collaboration, relational violence, reproductive justice, and queer issues. He is passionate about cooking, eating, laughing, writing, and most especially being in la luchachallenging others and myself to live creatively and authentically outside boxes and dominant narratives.