Joe Ippolito

Joe IppolitoJoe Ippolito is a Doctor of Psychology and a licensed clinical social worker. Joe currently helps run an Intentive Outpatient Program at Abington Memorial Hospital, has a small private therapy practice in Center City Philadelphia, where he works mostly with LGBTQ clients, and teaches in the Masters of Counseling Program at Chestnut Hill College. In addition to the clinical and academic work he does, Joe is a researcher, educator, activist and organizer. For the past 8 years, Joe served as Program Coordinator (from 2006-2008) and as an Organizer (from 2003 to present) for the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. He is also a board member for Philadelphia Family Pride, an organization that works with LGGBTQ families, and is in the process of develping, Gender Reel, a multi-media gender non-conforming, gender variant, transgender festival scheduled to take place in Philadelphia on 9/10/11. Additionally, Joe is in the process of gearing up to film his first documentary, which looks at aging issues in the transgender community. Over the years, Joe has presented information about transgender issues at various professional and community driven conferences, and has consulted with local, regional and national organizations and agencies about such issues.