Ronica Mukerjee

trans bodies trans selves photoRonica Mukerjee MSN, MsA is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist. She has been working with trans patients providing Eastern and Western medicine since 2003. She is currently the Director of Transgender Health Services for Community Healthcare Network where she oversees trans medical care network-wide for 12 community health centers, primarily located in the outer boroughs of New York. Her work involves providing primary care for undocumented and HIV+ people as well as educating medical providers in multiple countries throughout the world about trans care. She also maintains a tele-medicine project in Delhi, India working primarily with trans women (hijra) who are sex workers. She treats patients in English, Spanish, Bengali, American Sign Language, and Hindi (primarily in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan) and is currently adjunct faculty at Yale and UPenn Schools of Nursing.