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Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a 649-page resource guide by and for the trans, gender expansive, and nonbinary community and their families. It includes information on health, legal issues, cultural and social questions, relationships, history, activism, and much more. The second edition of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves will release in April 2022 & is available from Oxford University Press.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves Non-Profit Organization

Did you know that Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is not only a book, but also a 501c3 non-profit organization? Created in 2012, the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves non-profit manages the publication of all editions of the book, collects resources, connects contributors, performs outreach at trans conferences across the country, and distributes free copies of the book through our book donation program. All royalties from the book go to support our outreach, education, and book donation efforts, administrated by the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves board.

Our Mission and Vision

MISSION: The mission of the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves organization is to improve the world for trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive people in all our diversity through offering reliable information and education, connection and discussion, visibility about the diversity of our community and our issues, and activism about needs of our community.

As a project by trans and gender nonconforming people for trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive people, we hope to empower us and give us the tools we need to be experts on our own lives. We also recognize that our world is improved by educating those outside our community, and so we hope to be a resource for educators, medical and mental health providers, academia, legislators, family members, partners, and everyone else.

VISION: The Trans Bodies, Trans Selves organization is devoted to creating a world in which all gender identities and expressions are embraced and where all trans, nonbinary, & gender expansive people can safely and happily be themselves.

The Trans Bodies, Trans Selves board and editing team are currently working on an updated second edition of the book with new chapter authors and contributors, to be released in June 2021.

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