Trans Bodies, Trans Selves was started as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2012, with the first edition of the book published in 2014. The Trans Bodies board’s activities include performing outreach and recruiting diverse voices to contribute to the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves book, speaking at conferences, organizing a global qualitative research survey, and donating books to organizations all around the country. Since 2016, Trans Bodies has donated hundreds of books to LGBTQ community centers, health clinics, and other non-profits in every U.S. state. We also have an ongoing partnership with LGBT Books to Prisoners where we send at least 50 books to incarcerated transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming folks around the country every year.

All board members and editors work on the project on an all-volunteer basis. All of us are part of the queer and trans community and work on the board in addition to our jobs and family responsibilities. Although Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is published under Oxford University Press, the Trans Bodies board, Editing Team, and contributors are not employees of Oxford or associated with them in any way. All royalties from the book go to our non-profit organization primarily to support our book donation activities. Compensating contributors is extremely important to us and is something we are working towards as we manage all of the moving pieces of the second edition. Our tax reports are publicly available on sites like Guidestar if you would like more information.

So many transgender, gender expansive, nonbinary people, and our allies have contributed to the work of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves since our inception in 2012. Click below to learn more about the people who have made the TBTS board and book projects the invaluable resources they are today:

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