First Edition Contributors

The first edition of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves was released in 2014. Click below to learn more about all the people who contributed to this project:

First Edition Chapters Authors & Artists by Chapter

First Edition Introduction

Media Spotlights

Global Leaders Spotlights

Our Many Selves

Race and Ethnicity


Dis/abilities and Deafness

Religion & Spirituality

Sex & Gender Development

Coming Out

Social Transition


Legal Issues

General, Sexual, and Reproductive Health

Medical Transition

Surgical Transition

Mental Health Supports & Services

Mental Health Concerns

Intimate Relationships






U.S. History

Arts & Culture

Activism, Politics, & Organizing


First Edition Art

Lazlo Pearlman (editor)

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First Edition Book, Website, and Media Design

KD Diamond

Dean Scarborough

Leo Newball

Lazlo Pearlman

Rae Strozzo

Elenore Toczynski

Laddawan Zannettis

First Edition Fundraising and Social Media

Wesley Flash

Nichole Latimer

Amanda Ocasio

Jake Silver

First Edition Interns


Joanne Arellano

Ray Edwards

Lilly Estenson

Alex Gannon

Evan Hempel

Jack Hixson-Vulpe

Cael Keegan

Anna Kirey

Sean Leao

Zeraph Moore

Niyoka Nelson

Heather Palmer

Syd Salsman

Pau Crego Walters

First Edition Text Editing

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First Edition Pro-Bono Legal

Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen, and Hamilton

Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein, and Selz

First Edition Volunteers

Amanda Rosenblum

Jonah A. Siegel

Dena Simmons

A. Robin Williams

Non-Profit Board of Directors