The Afterword for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves was written by members of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, the creators of Our Bodies, Ourselves.



An excerpt from the Afterword:

“When Laura contacted our group a few years ago about the dream of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, we were so excited! As with OBOS, a community of people who are the best experts on themselves has come together to create a resource of information, mutual support, and political advocacy that will strengthen many. Thanks to Trans Bodies, Trans Selves and all the transgender folks who have been writing and teaching over the past many years, we, a group of cisgender women, now know that we can no longer say ‘a woman’s body’ and mean only one thing. One person’s body may have a penis and testicles, and be a woman’s body. Another person’s body may have breasts or a clitoris, and be a man’s body. The revolutionary point is that we can name our gender identity for ourselves and rightfully expect respect and recognition. ‘Our bodies, ourselves’ grows in meaning daily! We welcome you as allies who will deepen and expand the work that has mattered so much to us.”

-By Wendy Sanford on behalf of OBOS Founders Pamela Berger, Joan Ditzion, Vilunya Diskin, Paula Doress-Worters, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Elizabeth MacMahon-Herrera, Judy Norsigian, Jane Pincus, Wendy Sanford, Norma Swenson, and Sally Whelan, and in loving memory of OBOS Founders Pamela Morgan and Esther Rome. With special thanks for help from Oliver Danni Green, Kody Hersh, Petra Doan, Ted Heck, and Norma Swenson.