Axil Cricchio

Axil 200 pixelAxil Cricchio, M.A. earned an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in communication and social science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in social and behavioral sciences from California State University, Monterey Bay, where he has also been teaching since 2001. He is currently doctoral candidate in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, in San Francisco. Axil’s teaching/research interests include identity, ethnicity, queer politics, trans politics, and their interconnectivity to race, class, gender, and sexuality. He is particularly interested in how the language of social systems and cultural constructs shape(s) the way we learn, embody, and perform gender presentation and gender roles as dominant aspects of our identity. He is a community and social activist/advocate and actively participates in the pursuit of equality for the LGBTQI community. He is currently writing a book documenting his own gender transition called, In the Middle of Me.