Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall

img_front1Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall are journalists, award-winning authors, and environmental and LGBT activists. Now married 20 years, they’ve survived four presidents, several cross country moves and one big gender transition. The two co-authored the Blind Eye mystery series (Blind Leap, Blind Faith and Blind Curves), and Diane also authored the erotic thriller, Punishment With Kisses. Jacob wrote the long-running column, “TransNation,” which appeared in LGBT newspapers nationwide and was producer and co-anchor of Gender Blender on KBOO FM radio. Diane was the long-time editor in chief of Curve magazine, and the co-founder and former editor of Alice magazine and Girlfriends Magazine. In addition to parenting a transgender foster child, the two have been active in educating the public about transgender issues. They’re upcoming memoir, Queerly Beloved, due out in 2012, talks about their transition from two 22-year old baby dykes to a “straight” married couple in their 40s.