Jae DK Szeszycki-Truesdell

jae_truesdell_photoJae DK Szeszycki-Truesdell identifies as transgender and gay, grateful to be the spouse of his husband Marek Szeszycki-Truesdell since June 23, 2012. Jae earned a BA and MA from Purdue University with a master’s thesis titled, “Photogen(d)ic(k): Articulating Transness¬†Autobiographically and Photographically.” He went on to earn an MPH¬†at University of Illinois at Chicago with a capstone titled, “Transgender Health in Medical Education.” Finally, Jae is working on an advanced degree in nursing and will begin this career around age 30. Jae enjoys singing, slam poetry, haiku, dancing, acting and most forms of performance art. He is inspired by trans artists and performers and if he could change careers, he would be a professional performer. If he could change any single legal matter today he would make transgender and intersex legal sexes.