Kim Pearson

kim_pearson_hj66Kim Pearson is Executive Director/Co-Founder of TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA) and National Board President of PFLAG-TNET. TransYouth Family Allies is the first and only national organization that supports, educates and advocates exclusively for gender variant and transgender children and their families. Ms. Pearson is the National Board President of the PFLAG-Transgender Network, President and Co-Founder of PFLAG, Lake Havasu City and a Board Member of River Rainbow Pride. She first directed her energy into GLBT support, advocacy and education as the founder and president of her local PFLAG Chapter when the youngest of her three children came out as lesbian in 2005. Eighteen months later she found herself facilitating that same child’s transition to living life as a young man. Ms. Pearson has provided support to hundreds of families, and provided training to hundreds of GLBT organizations, service professionals and government officials all over the United States. TYFA and their families have been featured on several local/national radio programs, national/regional television and numerous print articles.