Lance Hicks

lance_hicks Lance Hicks is a bi-racial transgender activist and community organizer, from Detroit, Michigan. Since 2005, at age fifteen, Lance has been involved in activist work within the trans youth movement. Since that time, he has delivered numerous workshops and lectures to teachers, parents, service providers, and cisgender / cissexual youth, about cis privilege, trans identity, and best practices for allies. He is dedicated to providing local resources and building local networks for trans people in Detroit, and believes passionately in the power and necessity of grassroots community organizing as a strategy to combat trasphobia, cisgenderism, cissexism, and the oppressions that intersect with those. Currently, his work focuses on creating resources for trans and queer youth to not only survive, but to thrive, in Detroit. He is a strong proponent of the harm reduction and risk reduction models, and believes that trans youth are the best experts on their own experiences, and the most vital organizers of their movements.