Peter Cava

Peter CavaPeter Cava is a polysexual transfeminine genderqueer who, when clothed, favors tailored dresses and animal motif neckties. Peter developed a trans identity through dreamwork. After coming out as trans, Peter became involved in direct action and collective nonviolent civil disobedience. Peter then entered the Public Intellectuals PhD Program at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to become a scholar-activist. At FAU and across the East Coast, Peter has advocated wholeheartedly for trans people. This advocacy has included teaching FAU’s first course in trans studies, creating FAU’s first directory of gender-inclusive public restrooms, and facilitating FAU’s first trans and intersex cultural competency training for medical students. However, this advocacy was interrupted when Peter’s minority stress triggered severe major depression, leading to hospitalization. Currently, Peter is writing a dissertation that theorizes the interactions between (a) contemporary U.S. science fiction television and (b) the systems of oppression that shape the lives—and all too often, the deaths—of trans and intersex people. In addition, Peter is the conference planning coordinator for Transecting Society: Visualizing the Past, Present, and Future of Trans* Lives, which is building community among trans scholars, artists, and activists. Peter’s greatest wish for all people is for them to experience a deeper sense of connection with their bodies, their Selves, each Other, the Earth, and the furthest stars.