Sel J. Hwahng

sel_hwahngSel J. Hwahng, Ph. D. is currently a Visiting Scholar and Adjunct Professor at the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race at Columbia University, and was a Research Investigator on the National Institute on Drug Abuse – funded New York Transgender Project at the Institute of Treatment and Services Research, National Development and Research Institutes, Inc, from 2004-09. Sel has received an Independent Research Investigator Development Award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a National Institutes of Health Loan Repayment Program Award for Health Disparities Research, an Excellence in Abstract Submission among All Presenters Award from the American Public Health Association (HIV/AIDS Section), an International scholarship from the International AIDS Society, and a National Institutes of Health National Service Research Award and Postdoctoral Training Fellowship in Drug Abuse Research. Publications include over 17 articles and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes on various aspects of research on health disparities, HIV/STIs, substance use, mental health, abuse/victimization, child/adolescent development, and mass sexual violence during armed conflicts focusing mostly on LGBTQ, women, and/or people of color populations. Sel has also consulted on a resource guide on HIV prevention among transfeminine people, and serves on the National Advisory Board for the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, University of California at San Francisco.