Tamar Carmel

2013-05-26 18.36.36Tamar Carmel, MD is a Family Physician and Psychiatrist in Pittsburgh, PA, specializing in integrative care and community psychiatry. Dr. Carmel received his medical degree from Northwestern University, where he founded Q&A, the medical school’s only LGBTQI student group. He has been an advocate and educator on LGBTQI health disparities throughout his time in the medical field, utilizing his medical knowledge and his own trans experience to educate providers about quality LGBTQI healthcare. Dr. Carmel wrote a medical blog for Original Plumbing magazine under the name “Dr. T,” answering trans-mens’ questions about health and transitioning. He has served on various local and national committees, task forces, and Boards addressing LGBTQI health and education, including past service on the Board of Directors of the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA).