2nd Edition Survey

The first edition of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves included quotes from hundreds of transgender and gender expansive people which were selected from the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves survey. Over 3,400 transgender and gender expansive people shared their experiences through this survey.

For the second edition of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, the editors are releasing a new survey to once again invite our community to have their voices heard, which will enrich this edition with the perspectives of thousands of people across the spectrum of gender identities. If you identify as transgender or gender expansive and would like to participate, please visit:


Because there is so little research into the lives of trans and gender expansive people in their own words, data from the second edition of the survey will also be used to expand qualitative research into the lives, health, and well-being of trans and gender expansive people.

If you are a participant or researcher who would like more information or future access to survey data, you can email kelsey@transbodies.com.